The DAYFARER Backpack is designed to accommodate gym and work essentials in one organized backpack, it transitions effortlessly between sports, professional settings, and daily life. The backpack's athletic yet sophisticated design, coupled with numerous practical features, makes it a versatile choice. Its expandable volume further enhances its suitability for short weekend trips.
Special editions of the original DAYFARER Backpack.

In the following two images, I present a fresh interpretation of the DAYFARER backpack.
The primary distinction lies in the use of X50 X-PAC™ fabric (in black Multicam) combined with a Cordura® nylon face, elevating the initial DAYFARER design.

The X50 fabric boasts exceptional durability, superb water resistance, and lends the backpack an impressive structure.

Additionally, I have replaced the main buckle, transitioning from the Fidlock SNAP buckle to the Fidlock V-buckle, as it better complements the black Multicam color scheme.
In the two images below, a sportier rendition of the DAYFARER backpack is showcased.

The primary distinction lies in the utilization of VX-21 fabric. This technical material is characterized by its exceptional durability, waterproof properties, and ultra-lightweight nature.

To further enhance the sporty and distinctive appearance, I have modified the water bottle compartment to incorporate stretchy fabric and retained the visible YKK aquaguard zippers on the front and side. These elements seamlessly blend with the VX fabric, creating an appealing aesthetic.
Pattern for factory:

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